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Jan and Helga Grove
Clay Sculpture and Pottery


Jan (pronounced "Yan") and Helga are master artisans, who have been making and selling their work from their studio in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, since 1965. They are members of the Limners Society.

Before that, Jan was head of Ceramics Division at the School of Applied Fine Arts, Tatbiki Guzel Sanatler Yuksek Okulu, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Jan and Helga are originally from Germany, where they first started their fine arts practise.

Their Work

Despite their long history in Canada, both Jan and Helga retained a distinctly European style. There are also influences from their time in Turkey, seen in some of the shapes and surface decor.

They are also known for an extremely exacting standard of quality. The simplicity of the designs allows the perfection of the shapes, sizes, and profiles to speak for themselves.

Jan and Helga are now retired.



Buy pottery from locations listed on the pottery page.

You may email Jan and Helga at jhgrove(AT)shaw.ca.